I have been on Instagram for the last 4 years ministering to God's people passionately. The first year of hosting the prayer line, The Lord told me NOT to collect any seed offering entire year. I had to be obedient even when many women were requesting to sow a seed . I had to decline because The Lord had not yet released me. It wasn't until the second year of hosting the prayer line that He told me I could. HE said to me "daughter the ground is now fertile"

 My point is, I do the work of The Lord with INTEGRITY I don't do ministry for money because if i did,I would have started collecting seed offering during the first year that I started hosting the prayer line. If i did, I wouldn't be taking 3 to 4 months breaks from social media as i do from time to time when He instructs me

Let me testify, years ago, i was nanny, a housekeeper, a babysitter.... But now,The Lord has blessed me with multiple successful businesses! With all humility and sincerity, He takes very good care of me. I don't lack Please read amazing testimonies below from those that have sown their seed and what The Lord has done....so, sow yours as well!