@EloriaMichelle SAYS: It wasn't until I began calling the prayer line and joining  Prophetess Linda on IG live that I realized how much my life and destiny depended on it, that I could not be the woman God called me to be and live with generational curses .Prophetess Linda is so real and raw in the most loving way, (She’s the real deal). You can't deny the power of God and what he has for you. My private phone sessions were quite the experience.  She went above and beyond the call of duty

By hearing from God, she instructed me on what to do and how to maneuver in this season of my life. I was floored when she told me specifically what the Holy Spirit revealed!  It was only God. Since our session my Mom has been healed from cancer.  My business is soaring with celebrity clientele, which also what she prophecied months ago . Everything and then some came to pass.I didn’t realize how much spiritual weight I was carrying until I went through prayer and deliverance.

If you haven’t made an investment in your spiritual life yet I highly suggest that you do. Schedule a private phone session with her! Join her programs/Courses and prayer line.

 I’m a living witness and this is my personal testimony that Prophetess Linda is a woman of God!!!! I’m forever grateful for this divine connection. My friend Kiesaha Chanel shared an IG live with me and my life has never been the same. Thank you once again for everything and may God continue to bless you abundantly.

@Sabryia_Reese SAYS: I completely forgot to tell you apart of my testimony!!! After we had our two day call (which I needed soooooo much) and you spoke and told me to sow a seed that would break me. Father God did it break me but a few weeks after something told me to apply for unemployment in NY. Not only was I approved but I got back pay of almost $13000 and that has blessed and sustained me since then. You’re NOT lying when you say it is fertile ground. MY GOD. I can’t express how grateful and blessed I have been since our call. I didn’t doubt before but now I am an advocate for the anointing that is on your life. Your vision is emaculate and your spirit is beautiful. Thank you for going above and beyond the call on your life.

@snowie_hadebe SAYS: Prophetess, i just want to say thank you so much for your existence in my life, I thank God for you. I came across your page last year when I was still pregnant, I was depressed, I had anxiety,i stopped attending lectures at school, I was traumatized,I had even attempted suicide.I was in an abusive relationship before, he left me broken in more ways than a few. I started joining prayer line every morning, and your live broadcasts, and i joined the 21day special program you held it was a Healing program, the Holy Spirit addressed a lot of things that I highlighted above, after that I wasn't depressed anymore, I had an overflow of JOY, I took my life back, God gave me another clean slate,I started attending church services, I would anoint myself with the oil you prayed for, the dark cloud looming over me left and I was delivered from anxiety and depression. In April I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, I was so happy. The Holy Spirit brought you into my life for a reason. I feel like a lot of destinies have been placed in your hands by God, to help his people. You're humble and soo dedicated to your ministry. You're so accurate in the prophetic, and you address everything with humility. Even when you reprimand you do it with love! I pray God increases your territory in Jesus Name amen.

@BreMichelle__ SAYS:

I had the one on one phone session with her changed my life! The call ended with me being healed and knowing that God is always there. Even when it seems like He isn’t! I cannot express how I’ve been healed, set free and in a much better space due to the wonderful ministry God has gifted Minister Linda with! I’ve been on countless prayer calls and witnessed healing for so many, women with years of ailments immediately healed, women with addiction issues, immediately healed! If you desire to be healed (emotionally, spiritual, physically), I certainly recommend her healing program because you will be changed forever! Or if you just want to schedule a private phone session with her concerning any area of your life! This ministry has been such a blessing!!.


I can’t begin to express the move of God that happened on my call with Minister Linda.I initially booked my 1 on 1 session with Min.Linda to discuss my business, but God revealed to her matters of my heart and personal life that only God knows.She is direct & straight to the point, no fluff! She truly uses her anointing to glorify God and to re-affirm his infinite love for you, even in your darkest hour.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to Minister Linda for going ABOVE and BEYOND timewise to make sure I got my breakthrough & deliverance.Her prayer and prophetic words are powerful, I feel a renewed sense of confidence! Minister Linda is truly a powerful servant of God; I urge you DO NOT take her anointing lightly!If you are hesitant about booking your 1 on 1 session with her, you should have booked it a week ago! Don’t hesitate any long


@Be-You-t-1223 Says:  

Earlier this year 2019, During a lunch time prayer line, I joined in to pray with Prophetess Linda. In that time the Lord used her to say “Who’s on the call that’s getting ready to test for a real estate license? “  

I responded “ I am”, Within seconds the spirit of The Lord led her to prophesy: " Thou says The Lord: your license is released and you'll have it by summer time and you will close on your 1st property before the end of the year" I took the test July 12th a day after my birthday and passed! Fastforward, I just closed on my first property December 5th 2019!!  

The anointing on the call is something that never ceases to amaze me. And the method in which how He uses the spirit to operate in our lives Is inexplicable and I’m forever thankful.  

Having someone like Minister Linda available who’s a willing vessel who shares both agape love and tough love makes my heart full. And it’s well needed!! I thank you for your obedience Minister Linda and I will forever be indebted to your willingness as the Lord uses you

@GloryEstherOfficial says

Min Linda I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart od to use you. This phone call has been life changing for me. I initially scheduled the phone session for Oct 2 2019 and I did not know what to expect. Needless to say Gods time is not our time. The words from the Lord were divine. I prayed to the Lord and asked him to please talk to you about a man I broke up with and if the man was the one I am suppose to marry. Well again Gods thoughts are not out thoughts and neither are his ways our ways. Please share my this with everyone. First things first. The moment I came to Christ I had always wanted to change my name. 

On Friday Oct 25 2019 I was discussing with my manager and telling her I want to change my name but I did not know what name to change it to. I told my manager that I wanted a new name. On my phone call today October 28th with you, you told me the Lord wants me to change my name and he gave me a new name. The Lord actually gave you the name. My new name is GLORY-ESTHER. I was in awe of how the lord answers us. The phone session is usually 20 mins but my session lasted 1hour:10mins and 16sec. Everything that has been on my heart which I never for one second thought you would talk about the Lord revealed it to you concerning business, ideas and what directions to take and also what I need to do immediately. Something I wasn’t even expecting you to say or talk about. 

The Lord revealed to you what that I need to leave the salon I’m currently working at and move into a suite. To rent my own place which is something I was scared of doing. There is no way you could have know any of my ideas and plans and fears if the lord had not told you. 

You also told me about my dad leaving his current job at Walmart immediately which we had planned on his last day October 31st 2019.There’s no way you could have known any of this if it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit. I thank you Min Linda and I thank God for so using you as his vessel. For hearing and answering my prayers. I pray this encourages someone who thinks God does not exist or listen. Thank you Min Linda for taking time to talk to me. I appreciate your time. 


@Your_Flyness_md SAYS:

My God! Thank you for allowing The Holy Spirit to use you. I had a private phone session with you this evening, and God confirmed what He had spoken to me about 2 years ago: to go back to school. I thank Him for this confirmation because there have been times where I wondered if I heard Him clearly, if I was mistaken. I have had people tell me that my situation is impossible to overcome, that I should pursue other career opportunities, but The Holy Spirit has used you and others to confirm that I am called to be a physician. I am currently applying to medical school, and I believe that God will open that door suddenly, and in a way that only He can.  

You also confirmed that God wants me to apply for jobs that pay more. You have posted about this several times over the past few months, and I felt convicted to do so. I praise God for confirming through you that that is what I should do. I will begin searching and applying for new positions this week. I believe Him to do the miraculous as I take this leap of faith. My mom helps me financially now, and I want to relieve her and provide fully for myself.  

I am so overwhelmed with joy that God loves me. I am so glad that He never goes back on His promises—He will surely do what He says He will do. You told me that what He will do will be miraculous and it will be like I’m living someone else’s life. I had been praying for God to blow my mind with this turnaround, and I believe He will.  

Lastly, God revealed to you the hurts of my past and you declared that I am healed and delivered from the hurt of my previous relationship. I will continue to keep my body Holy before The Lord. I am so excited as I type this! The Lord kept saying “new.” I am excited to see Him do a new thing in, through, and for me.  

I love you so much, Minister Linda!! Thank you for showing us that living for Christ is the best way to live. 

@MSDJ2U says

Thank you Prophet Linda for being a vessel for the Lord. We had our private session yesterday and today and all I can say is Glory Be to God! During our sessions, my steps were ordered in what to do in regards to my real estate business, people I deal with and an emergent financial situation which includes meditating, fasting and anointing my face and feet at set times. The Holy Spirit even revealed to you that all I’ve lost over the last 13 years will be restored. You said twice that 13 years is being revealed to you and you wouldn’t have known that.... It didn’t dawn on me until the second time you said it. I was married to my son’s father 11 years, together 13 years. We divorced almost a year after my son was born. My son is 14 now, so it’s been 13 YEARS since and I lost my house after the divorce 13 YEARS AGO. I’ve been waiting on when we were going to buy a house again, but, now I know it’s going to come SUDDENLY along with the other things discussed. 

I told Min Linda about my therapist and she said I won’t be going to much longer and that it’ll be canceled. She guided me so much more in 2 days than the last 2 months, I’ve been going to him. Having a spiritual action plan and to know that I’m not alone in this walk is priceless! Holy Ghost 🔥🔥I’m standing in prayer and claiming what’s mine through Christ shed blood and charging the angels to go forth in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Now!! Suddenly!!! Glorrraayyyy!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥Testimonies coming soon.🔥🔥  


I cannot sleep because I'm excited about what God has been doing in my life!  

In Aug 2018, I had a one-on-one with you. You had also revealed areas in my life that only God knew about. Eventually, I ended up telling my mom about the "-------" that occurred in my childhood due to the R Kelly scandal and #metoo movement. I now have a voice! I have become free from masturbation and pre-marital sex. The spirit of fear to drive has also left and I am close to obtaining my driver's license.!!! I also passed an ethics exam that I could not pass that would qualify me to sit for the Bar exam in my state.  

By God's grace, I found out today, that I Passed my Bar exam after taking it a second time. My occupation as an attorney is not only my career, but my ministry! Thank you for allowing God to use you and speak life to me! I was so full of fear and stagnant, but now I have peace! God is still working on me, but I am much better than I was 8 months ago!!! Hallelujah!

You also prophesied to me that two teams of Angels would surround me as I stood before judges in Court. You also prophesied that my occupation as an Attorney would not just be a career but my ministry. That I would be in my prayer closet for my clients and through God you instructed me to lay my hands on every case file and pray in the Spirit. Since your one-on-one, I have helped family and friends with their cases informally. I have won claims and supernaturally came up with strategies for the people I have helped to help 

Jamia Davis  



Today I had my one on one private phone session with you and I must say I felt the mighty move of God during the call you revealed things to me that only God and I could have known. In the private session I was completely delivered from soul ties heartbreak anxiety and generational curses. My soul has been lifted in a mighty way and I praise God for his deliverance!! I have been wanting to return to school, I didnt even tell you anythig about it, and you gave me the word from God that it was the right decision and that I needed to do it soon. You spoke over my finances and a home for me and my 3 children definitely needed this one on one more than I even know and I'm excited for the things that God is going to do in my life. Praise God Praise God!! He's is so worthy to be praised!!  



While life counselors and therapists are extremely helpful, most often they don’t address spiritual issues – especially strongholds that cannot be broken through therapy but only in the spiritual realm.  

My interaction with Prophetess Linda has been powerful since the day I’ve followed her. She first interacted with me through Instagram live while she was praying. It was right there when I first interacted with the Holy Spirit that operated through her and she had no idea who I was – so I knew it was the Holy Spirit.  

After having that powerful Instagram live prophecy, I knew I had to book a one-on-one session. The call was supposed to be only 30 minutes, but the call lasted an hour. Before my one-on-one session, I struggled with the spirit of rejection, anxiety, and depression.  

Rejection was something that really had a hold on me because of some of my past failures in my career, friendships, and relationships. I was holding on to hurt that span back to over a decade, but in that one-on-one session, the Lord broke the chains. I felt the burden of rejection lift off of me. I cried out to the Lord, but at the end of the call, I cried tears of pure joy which I’ve never experienced.  

Prophetess Linda is a true servant of the Lord. If she says she’s praying for you, she is. If she says she’s fasting and interceding for you, she is! If you need spiritual results to break strongholds and having issues of getting a prayer through, book your one-on-one. I would encourage all young ladies if you’re dealing with a broken heart or a deep hurt to let Linda intercede on your behalf and to really seek the Lord. The Lord is the only one who can heal all of our hurts. 



I just want to thank you for the one on one consultation we had earlier today. You are indeed a mighty prayer warrior in God's army! When I answered the phone you immediately went into prayer mode, binding and loosing and speaking prophetically over my life. (For those of you who don't know, she prays POWERFULLY in the spirit and takes authority over any demonic influence operating in your life. Every Christian needs a warrior of this caliber fighting for and with them in the spiritual realm!)  

Although we have never met or spoken before that call, the Lord lead you to the exact areas of my life where I knew I needed to be prayerful and obedient and surrender. Your warfare prayers broke the spirit of fear and lack off of my life immediately.  

 You prayed over me in relation to my family and my health, with none of my input, only the urging of Holy Spirit. You explained my calling to me. When God called me to sow a seed I released it in obedience and faith because we serve a Mighty God! When what you have spoken over my life prophetically comes to pass I will shout my testimony!  

 You gave me precise instructions on how to contend for my word and I will follow them because when it comes to pass the Lord will get all the glory! By the end of our call I was so full.  

you're an anointed woman of God and He has equipped you to help those of us who who are dealing with fear, anxiety, confusion, bad decisions, low self-esteem, guilt, anger, pain, loss and many other things that are demonic in nature and not what God wants for us. Our call was more than I ever expected and you continued to pour into me past the half hour of the session.  

May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Our last phone session was first thing in the midnight hour on August 7th, 2018. What a supernatural call. That call was truly a call of confirmation for what God was leading me to do in my life in this season... the things that was revealed on the call was delivered with pinpoint accuracy, the Holy Spirit was truly moving. My living situation, my job situation, there is a shift that the Lord was revealing to me, and your call confirmed what the Lord was showing me, even down to the seed the Lord imparted to me to sow! Even my spiritual gift to see you revealed what was hindering me, which was in connection with my living situation...AHHH...That call was amszing. It gave me a peace that the Lord was directing and ordering my steps, and that what God is about will supercede my wildest dreams. I am moving in faith believing and letting God lead the way. I am standing on Genesis 12:1-3 and Amos 9:13-15 MSG. I am walking into my season, my season is NOW!  

TO ANYONE who is hesitant on booking a private session, DON'T HESITATE! Book it NOW! Your life will never be the same. The Lord shows up EVERY TIME through His Servant Prophetess Linda, the anointing is truly heavy. Book it today!  

Much love and blessings to you my sister


I wanted to say the one on one session we had on last Saturday was certainly a God send. . He knew how I would feel and He knew when to allow it to happen! It wasn’t an accident at all. I was feeling down and hard on myself the exact day we spoke. I’m so glad I had a session before and you had my information( you had My phone number due to my previoius phone session last last year). Last Saturday I literally was crying on my way home, The Holy Spirit placed it in my spirit that I was dealing with generational iniquity with my finances. You called ME because God told you too! He knew I needed to hear a Word. You didn’t have a clue what I was enduring, but God did! He sent you to speak to my situation and you prayed for the exact things like you were in my room or car while I prayed. Only GOD could have done that! You prayed for God to break the generational curses, God led that phone session and I encourage anyone that is in need of spiritual guidance to book their session!!  

God bless you WOG! 


Just wanted to share feedback from my private session last week. I was so relieved after speaking to Minister Linda. She revealed things that I have been second guessing to do, and I received confirmation after our conversation to move forward. Soul-ties are very real and she helped me to identify them and released myself from those ties that have left me stagnant and single for many years. She spoke about my daughter like she knew her and I was floored. As parents we worry about our christian children falling away from God- I am able to move forward in knowing that she will not be a woman of the world. God is really moving through this woman. I will be joining the 21 day fast and I encourage others to do so. ThankYou sooo much! I am looking forward in seeing God move!!


JCK Brand has been a blessing to me in so many ways. Initially it took me a while to really become vocal and engage in the prayer line, but I was listening and learning. I have always felt overlooked and to be on a prayer line and be called out specifically for something I was dealing with really blessed me because I'm like wow God really does care. The one on one private calls for guidance were even more phenomenal and to have my life layed out before me by someone I have NEVER even met and hadn't talk to prior was yet another blessing and I believe coming into contact with JCK Brand has saved my life on more than one occasion. 

This is true for both me and my husband. We received so much prayer, love and support from this ministry and the sisters of this ministry right before our wedding and also after. The love and support has greatly changed and impacted our lives and the prayer was always on time. The Words God has given us through this ministry are just so promising and refreshing and helps us both strive to do better.  

Since I have come into contact with JCK Brand wow I have become more bold! I pray more, I seek God every single day. Through JCK BRAND, I have been set free from anxiety, depression, worry and also constipation, yes constipation (I suffered terribly for years). I have also come out of my comfort zone I have learned to pray out loud and be more vocal when it comes to the things of God. I stay in the spirit more and not always stepping into my flesh when it comes to certain things as well, instead I seek God first.

I would recommend this ministry as I have plenty of times because it is authentic and truly a gift from God. My life has changed so much since the very first time I joined the prayer line over a year ago. At first I would mute my phone and listen in and not say a word. But while listening in the words begin to pierce my heart and the tears would just flow. That, I believe, was the beginning to my healing process even though I didn't know it at the time and it didn't happen right away. The words that come through are so legit and on point, I mean things that no one else would know but God. It is a very life changing and transforming experience. You have to see for yourself! Schedule your private phone session with her for sure and join the prayer line! 


I joined you for your live broadcast on Instagram and you were praying. This was the very first time that I had ever been on your one of your live broadcast. You were praying and then you offered your counseling session for the remaining month of May.  

2 days later, out of desperation I reached out to you... I felt like I was sinking in quicksand and no one to pull me out or even hear me cry for help. I was so blessed that you agreed to schedule a session with me that day.. and within less than 30 minutes you were on the phone with me... praying. You spoke to my brokeness, heartache, pain, illness and my anger. You even chastised me with the love of God.  

I am so grateful for the opportunity to speak with you. You spoke to me about my past, my current situation and even what God wants to do for me and what I need to do to be in line with His Word. You are truly annointed. This is no joke. I would tell anyone that you truly have a calling upon your life. I am so Blessed that you have allowed God to use you in such a dyanmic way. Things that I have been praying about and things that I had been crying out to God and even some of my inner thoughts that I had shared with NO ONE! God allowed you to see it and impart into my life. One of the things you told me was that after our session, I would never be the same again... and you are so right.  

The next morning I was on the phone with a very dear friend and he said to me, "something about you is different", he then said that I sounded more relaxed and peaceful that he had ever known me to be. I am still just praising God for His Word, your prayers and you allowing Him to use you in a mighty way. Please continue to let God do a great work in you.My Life has changed! 

Thank you Woman of God!!!  



I had a one on one session with you. I really didn't know what to expect. But I was very hopeful. First let me be honest and say that I had some doubt about your authenticity. After speaking with you, I know that you really are a true humble servant of God.You addressed my main concern (without me telling you what is was). You talked specifically about what I had been praying for.And you spoke on things about my character that you could not possibly have known if God did not reveal those things to you. The type of person I am. I have been given specific instructions to follow. I am trying diligently to be obedient. I know God will keep His promises. As a result of my session with you, I feel closer to God. I don't have any lingering doubt about Him working things out for me. I fully Trust in Him now. So WOG, because you have chosen to be obedient to God, many of us continue to be blessed because of it.  

Thank you 


I just wanted to say thank you for today's session. You had prayed for me on Tuesday about a situation, but I really didn't give you all the details. I was able to give you all the details today. Today during our 30 minute One On One Session, God used you to destroy 8 years of hurt and pain that I had been experiencing. I can't wait to get started on my fast and my action plan that God revealed through you and watch God do all the things that you told me. I'm so excited. Glory to God! I have so much joy and peace right now. I would have paid you double, although your gift is priceless. This wasn't an ordinary counseling session. God Bless You and I can't wait to give my testimony soon. It's going to bless somebody. I feel like a brand new woman. See you on the prayer line.  


My one-on-one session with you was right on time. Initially thinking we'd have to reschedule because of the time conflicts, I prayed and held faith that God would release you to bless me on HIS time. What you revealed to me was SHOCKING and unexpected to say the least. I don't know much about my dad's side so it was quite a revelation and I thank God you were able to prophesy and PROVE what He was leading you to say. You are truly a woman of God, you are a woman of TRUTH & RESPECT. I thank you for being candid with me and very HONEST. There are not many people of God out there (in the church) - a lot of people don't practice what they preach. I have encountered too many prophets who are PROFITS and you are not one! You shall not be confused with the liars pimping their gift to the masses. You, Woman of GOD are true and your prayers are REAL and can be FELT thru the phone. I am glad you called. I am glad I answered because I am church hurt and skeptical and vulnerable. But God! 

And I wish your followers would take your request to sow SERIOUSLY. It is not a game. It is NOT a scheme. When the Lord moves you to tell us to sow, I pray and plead we LISTEN and TAKE HEED. When the Lord asked me to sow, it was without hesitation! Because He doesn't hesitate on our behalf! When it shall be done, He makes it so. So when you are on the prayer line and you say sow, we should listen. When I was on the line I was at work in the middle of tasks. I initially went to my car to avoid distractions but due to the rescheduling I had to be at my desk as I was alone. You prayed for God to bind distractions and it came to pass. I was shielded from others around me who suddenly came in my office and cared not for me being on the phone. The PEACE I felt on the call with you was unknown and welcoming. Thank you. Thank you. Thank God. You are a walking, breathing, praying & slaying BLESSING. Thank you for not abusing your gift and demanding respect for it. I did not feel used. I didn't feel taken advantage of. I'm glad for the overflow that I KNOW is coming my way. I have not really fasted as I should before and I'm excited to now more than ever.  

Also, that soul tie-- I felt it break immediately. Though he still calls, I don't feel that tie anymore. I'm not interested in making what's out of God's will be my will. I was so desperate for a husband so my family can be complete--but if I lead myself, I'll lead myself right into spiritual death. I've clearly done that before and look at me now. Tuh! I'm ready to walk his path so I can FINALLY reach where I'm destined to go. Whoever He has for me will reach me in Jesus' name.  

Bless you. Love you. Can't wait for Tuesday


Attempting to place in words the anointing and move of God being so great during our One on One almost feels impossible. Words can't embody the passion and love you feel hearing words leave this woman of God's mouth. She handles the call with so much grace, but transparent at the same time. She does not allow you to hide behind the smoke and mirrors of life, the wall you've built up of fear and anxiety. I had no idea what to expect from this call, I think as a believer you sometimes expect God to be cutesy and keep from revealing the places that need the most healing. I didn't get what I wanted to hear but needed to hear, I had pushed my life experiences so deep down within myself, I didn't realize I was being held back. There's a raw and real feeling to the call, there was no holding back, there was correction where it needed to be followed by love and a POWERFUL prayer! I am so grateful for the directions, uplifting, and love. My life will truly be forever changed, I am ready to face the world and be all that God has called me to be.  

Thank you for being so true to who you are in the kingdom. Thank you for my healing and deliverance being more important the amount of money paid for your time. I love you for loving me in a moment I didn't know I needed the love. 


I had a one on one session with you and it was phenomenal. I was so nervous and afraid I didn't know what to expect. After so many years of confusion, anxiety, depression,fear and being intimated. God used you to destroy everything that I have been going through. I never felt so relieved and stress free. You told me things that I never told you and that moment I knew the Lord used you to help deliver my purpose as I began to shed tears.I definitely recommend everyone to book your one on one session now. They will be blessed and your life will change for the better. Thankyou so much WOG, I truly appreciate you uplifting my spirit and everything you have done. I will be starting my journey and following the path God has for me. 


I just want to share some encouragement for anyone still thinking about scheduling a one-on-one session with her.. Do it! I had a one-on-one session with Prophetess Linda and it was nothing short of amazing! The message God gave to Linda for me was specific and on point. The Holy Spirit showed her all that myself and my children were going through. Specific directions were given to begin to break the chains that were holding me bondage! I mean, it was revealed that witchcraft was being used against me! Things about people at my job... Specific details that only God could have revealed... It was also revealed how the enemy was trying to use my children as well! God revealed that I will not struggle to raise my children as a single parent! That I will move forward and no longer suffer from retrogression! Everything that was taken from me will be returned in abundance! My children will not suffer because of the sins of their fathers.  

Mind you, ALL of this was revealed without me saying a word!! This woman of God knew nothing about me, but God showed her everything! Please, please schedule a session with her. It will change your life as it has changed mine. It may hurt to hear some things, but trust that it is for your good! Be obedient to what the Holy Spirit reveals for you to do. Have a open heart and be ready to receive all that God has for you! As a matter of fact, I plan to schedule another session with ..I know God isn’t done with me yet and He has much more in store for me! This is the year of manifestation!!  

Be blessed


Happy Sunday! I had my 1-on1 with you last week. I have been around the prophetic most of my adult life and your gifting is truly amazing and Divinely accurate. You really excavate the deeper things of one's life as others just give a word of exhortation without REALLY digging and tapping into the mind and heart of God concerning the individual.  

I was certainly blessed. I have been living with my sister since losing my job and at times it is contentious and I have been most miserable. After my session I have such a new lease on life and new pep in my step that the"winds of change" are now blowing in my life... GLORY!!!! Thank you for encouraging not only me but ALL who are in need of a fresh wind and Rhema WORD. Also thank you for laboring and soaking in prayer for our prayer request.  

Much love and Kingdom Blessings, 


Thank you so much for reaching out to check on me. It really shows how much you care, and that you do not have short term memory when it comes to the plight and stories of the people on whose behalf you choose to intercede.  

To be completely transparent, I struggled with the idea of sending a written account of our One on One Session and consultation. What occurred was so shocking and sobering, and the things that God revealed to you and us during the call not only gave confirmation, but it broke me to my core. I'm still drenched in humility. I am not yet emotionally strong enough to accurately and effectively provide you with a written account (post) of events that others might read and even garner inspiration from, without divulging secrets and layers of sombering truths in my life, which I am not strong enough to bare 'naked' to the world ( without judgement) yet. But, my time is coming, and my breakthrough is near. I am trusting God to let me know when it is time to share the details of our conversation, so that it might help others

Thank you sister for standing boldly in the gap with me and for me. I am truly grateful that our paths crossed. It is not by coincidence nor circumstance that God is letting me join hands with you spiritually to make a radical change in my life. Love & Light,


I can attest that her ministry is of God. Prophetess Linda prayed for me two weeks ago on Instagram and I know it was nobody but God saying the things he said to her because she was prophesying the things that I have been praying and crying to God about .! Fast fwd to today we had a 1 on 1 session where she confirmed some more things that only me and God knew about. When I tell you the 1 on 1 sessions are worth it even though you're aced for 30 mins. God told her go longer than 30 mins, it's all about how the spirit is flowing. Thecall was 48 mins long!!!!! NOT 30! Thank you Father God.


Good Afternoon I have a testimony to share with you today. I had the opportunity to be blessed by experiencing a one on one session with you about three weeks ago , and you sent me a prophetic word from the lord . You gave me specific instructions in reference to a promotion at my job and a shift that would be happening by the month of March. The Holy Spirit led you to state that I should apply for jobs that I DO NOT QUALIFY for and that the lord will qualify and promote me.  

The Lord also revealed to you that a woman involved with my promotion would take a liking to me and see that I prosper in my promotion as well. I followed the spiritual instructions, I submitted my resume for many positions that were open in my agency and received a call today from a woman asking me to come in for an interview next week. She stated that my resume was placed under the title of supervisor. I DO NOT have the requirements to be a supervisor. All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS! GOD BLESS YOU LINDA❤️🙏🏾❤️ 


Our one on one session was truly AMAZING! I'm so blessed that God led me to your Instagram page earlier this year. Every since I started following you my life has changed for the better! Our session today was truly spirit led. You started our session with prayer and before I even began to tell you my concerns you begin to pray for me in all the areas I had written down. I was SPEECHLESS!!! This alone was confirmation that you are SPIRIT LED!! Only the father in heaven knows how many nights I've cried over the things we discussed during our session. Chains were broken, my heart began to heal, and I truly feel that some weights were lifted off my spirit. You were real with me and honest about my situation.You told me some things that I may not have wanted to hear but needed to hear to truly get my breakthrough. You went beyond our time and we stayed on the phone for 55 MINUTES!! You listened to me,prayed for me, and gave me supernatural advice!!! I'm so excited to start the action plan we discussed. When you come on LIVE on Instagram and on the prayer line its always FIRE!! However,our one on one session was AMAZING,CHAIN BREAKING, and most of all TRANSFORMING!!! I've been praising God all day!! I still have a lot of work to do, but our session allowed me to began the first day of TRUE RESTORATION!!! Thanks YOU JESUS for using this woman of God for your GLORY! Thanks sis!!


First I want to thank my sister for lifting each of us up in prayer on the prayer line and never once looking for anything in return I have been following her since March and listening in on the prayer calls on Tuesday and Thursday. My sister is truly a praying warrior the way she takes her time out and pray over each one of us on the prayer line it's short of amazing.Never once does my sister ask for donations or to sow seeds into her ministries . It doesn't mean she doesn't need it but she is simply doing the work of GOD.These past few weeks have been hard for me but I have been calling in and sending group messages to my sister and friends who have since Joined the prayer line with me. I decided to follow a link for passive income ideas when I saw she offered One on one sessions. I scheduled my first session and where do I begin. She immediately begin praying for the Holy Spirit to take over the call(and he did just that) . This woman of God told me things that no one knew . I didn't tell her at the time but you confirmed one thing that I knew deep within in myself that a second child would be on the way . I knew that if I continued this relationship after accepting the first child that would certainly happen. My sister began praying for me to be delivered.

I begin to cry out with tears pouring down my face .I dropping to my knees and begin to thank God for not allowing me to lack and telling me that I'm more than enough and that he didn't bring me this far to abandon me now . AMEN!!! . I begin to experience something supernatural I begin to cough and cough like something was trying to come up out of me. I felt the urge to throw up and let everything come out . Praise GOD!!!This sister of mine is a one of one . I can't wait for what God has in store for me next. I thought I wasn't able to record the call but it did take I have attached it . I want you to replay it for your followers because I know there are some non- believers like the ones who tried to sabotage Thursday's prayer call . Soul ties are real . We were in two different cities and the spirit of GOD took over my body . It was an outside of my body experience. THANK YOU SIS . THE CLOTH THST YOURE CUT FROM IS EXISTENT. I will continue to pray for you as well there is an anointing on your life that is so powerful I can't explain.  


I am still in awe of what transpired and I have such a gusto to do what is required of me, for my life as well as my daughters. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Here is my feedback

My life has been changed! I can no longer be who I was before 9pm on Monday, July 31st. That's how real and authentic this experience has been. ..... truly anointed by God to help guide and lead his people to a closer more intimate relationship with him. I reached out to Min Linda for help in navigating my next step after my career, I've been feeling unfulfilled in that area of my life and felt God was calling me to do something but I wasn't quite sure what that was. Well, she started to pray and the Holy Spirit came upon her and she began to reveal things regarding other areas of my life hindering my next step, preventing me from moving in the direction God wanted me to go. As we continued she had revelation after revelation in very personal areas of my life, so specific, there was no way she could have known had she not been tapped into the Holy Spirit, it gave me chills yall. When the call ended I just had to sit, I could not move, I was in awe and so I sat and marvelled at God and his works and this woman,Linda, he is using to do his will. I just sat in the moment, soaking in all he is calling me to do and who I need to be. I then got up off the bed and kneeled down to pray but I was so overwhelmed and heavy with all that had transpired, my thoughts and mind failed me, and so all I could muster up to say was, thank you Jesus, thank you God.

I have been transformed by the renewing of my mind and made whole. I am forever changed . Old things have passed away, all things have become new. This vessell of God is a blessing, allow her to use her gifts to bless you also. 


My One-on-One with Min Linda was truly life changing. After being on numerous prayer lines and watching her live on Instagram, I knew that I had to schedule a private session. My session was everything! We started out with a prayer and we dove right into my reason for calling. She allowed God to use her as she confirmed things that I already knew. She was very transparent and to the point. Some of the things she said did hurt because it was the truth but she spoke the truth with so much love. She didn't force me to share any information that I wasn't ready to admit to even though God had already revealed those things to her. I like that we got to the heart of my issue. We ended with a plan of action and prayer.  

I have to add that I paid for a 30 minute session. It lasted an hour!! Not one time did she mention more money or try to end our call before the Lord's work was done. The session didn't end until God was done.  

I apologize for the long review, but I really enjoyed my session. Everything was centered around the principles of God's word. If you are contemplating having a session with her, please sign up. I don't regret it one bit. It was one of the best investments that I have ever made. ....she didn't just say a few words of encouragement and let me go. She gave me a plan. Her desire is. to see women whole, set free, and walking in their purpose is real and genuine! I also realize that God's desire to see his children set free, whole and walking in their God-given purpose is real as well.Thank you God and thank you Prophetess.. My life will never be the same.


I just wanted to send you an email to say THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in a powerful way to heal, restore, prophesy and allowing God to speak through you. I wish I could have words to say how anointed, powerful and pure your words from God are but I do not. All I can say is every time I have called into the prayer line or heard you in InstaLive I stay the entire time and am MOVED spiritually. Your ministry is more than group prayer and encouring words- it is INTENSE and a testimony of the TRUE power of God that this generation is forgetting. Thank you for your obedience. Thank you for not holding back to fit in. Thank you for your rawness. Thank you for your words of truth even if it is hard to take in at times. Your ministry is one that not only helps people but transforms people. I began to listen to the prayer line last year and continued to follow your page and Instagram Lives. I had been seeking God on a higher level and asking God to help me grow and find my purpose. Your page and ministry helped me get there and has been vital this season in my life.  

After the One on One with you- I knew God was present in your ministry in a supernatural way all I could do was cry. You told me things I had planned that I had not told anyone. You pinpointed and prophesied things that you had no way of knowing. The only way you knew was through our glorious Father. On Sunday- I was feeling a bit shaky inside about pursuing my purpose and did not know what to do so I jumped on the prayer line. On the prayer line you specifically called me out and asked others to lift me up. After that night- things shifted. I feel a new sense of power through Christ. I feel energy to do things and ideas with ease to execute. I know it's not me but God and I bless you and everyone who lifted me up that night. Your ministry is one so dear to my heart I am get teary just thinking about it. God is so good and I want to thank you for your obedience and for the true unselfish spirit in which you operate in. I pray blessings over you every day Linda and that God continue to use you as many women will rise to be strong women of God serving God publicly through your ministry and one on one coaching. Your one on one sessions are INVALUABLE. They are life changing and once God speaks through you- the person will never be the same. Bless you Linda. Praise you Father for all good things come from you. Please keep our sister Linda safe, strong and blessed beyond belief. Much love sis! 


What do you say when it's so much to say, well, I'll say this, my one on one with My sis ,This prayer warrior, she is an Angel sent from God in this season of my life and for it I am greatful!! After being on pretty much all her prayer calls I must say I didn't have the funds to book a One and One. and while if I had told her she would of speak with me anyway, but I wanted to pay her for all the time she pour out into all of us . So I got my funds up and I booked my one and one.

 One thing I can say is she is a no nonsense woman of God. She gets straight to the point, and when I was wrong she didn't sugar coat anything! --This woman of God just wanted me delivered. At the time I was struggling with a soultie from a man who I was in love with who got married, and moved on, and while I thought I was over him, she quickly picked that up and said no your not over him. She sent me on a fast and prayed over me and gave me other instructions as to what and how to get my self delivered!!! Well here I am DELIVERD!!! And I am happy, whole and free. God is good! and the God in this vessel of honor ain't no joke. So what are you waiting for registers for you're one and one you won't regret it. (I love you sis!!) There isn't enough money to pay for all the prayers and deliverance you did through God for me and my family! I love you! Blessings.


Good morning Min Linda I just wanted to share a quick testimony with you. Prior to this I was going through maybe the toughest time in my life Financially and I thought I was gonna loose EVERYTHING including my HOME! I have 3 children to care for and it was Tearing me down. So the end of December I came across your page that’s when I heard about the prayer line. Ive been on ever since! And in January on instalive you actually prayed for me you told me I was not gonna lose my home I mean it was soooo POWERFUL!! And last week I signed my new lease! Praise God!! WOG you are truly a GIFT!  

And can I also say about a week ago I had my one on one session with you! And I have no words to describe how amazing it was! I felt the Holy Spirit run through my veins! You talked about things no one knew and gave me a complete wake up call!! It was unbelievable! I listened to his word and sowed a number he gave knowing that he will deliver! I will continue to Seek him and be obedient.  


Love you sis! 💜�


Good morning Min. Linda. I just want to personally thank you AGAIN for your obedience and sacrifice. I have NEVER experienced this level of commitment from a woman of God but I have always prayed for it. Your seed of fasting and praying and just doing what the Lord has lead you to do has broken so many chains in my life since I found tour ebook online. I'm not even sure how I found it but I was preparing myself to be ready for my husband and I wanted to break soul ties and lust. This was the beginning of last year. I act created a binder of my journey before meeting my husband all the way to the alter. What am I am saying? It takes much prayer and obedience and consistency to break the kind of bondage I have been in. I am so in awe of God! Just looking at how strategic He is has never speechless.

 I never imagined I could even taste the life that He has for me. I mean being free from lust and masturbation and depression and anxiety and anger. Even my husband notices how chill I have been. Also when we had our one on one call you said I needed to start a business by the beginning of March. And that sat heavy in my spirit I wasn't sure exactly what it was. Then one night I heard start a blog, share your life and testimony with others. So I have been researching and just making sure I am prepared. I also started an Instagram account as a starting point. But sorry so long I just know that God is not finished with me yet. And I am ready to walk in my purpose and LIVE according to God's will. And that's a powerful statement in itself because not too long ago I didn't want to live. !!!!!