Who is This Program For?

This FREE Program is Designed for Single Ladies that Desire to Enter Into a Relationship That Will Ultimately Lead to a Godly Marriage.

What Will You Gain From This Program?You Will Learn How to Let GOD Position You in Order for YOUR HUSBAND to Find YOU

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 Here are Important Details You Need to Know: 

This FREE Program begins NOVEMBER 15th 2019

All participants will also get FREE copy of my ebook which is the guide you need throughout the 21 day program. It contains all the material!We will meet live EACH night at 10pm EST in an intimate and private setting! These calls will occur via conference call or live video webinar. 

Can't make the calls? Don't worry. Replays will be available! 


  • During my 3 day DRY fast,The Lord told me that some of you will enter into NEW a relationship that will lead to marriage by the end of 2020.


  • You will learn how to distinguish an Ishmael from an Issac. Meaning be able to discern if the man that enters your life is sent from God or not!  

  • You will obtain spirtual tools that will overide emotions that always lead you to make unhealthy decisions with men. 

  • You will learn to to pray strategically to break strongholds that blocks you from getting married.  

  • Break general curses that stand against godly marriages from manifesting in your bloodine 




Hello Min Linda, I just wanted to say thank you for today's session. You had prayed for me on Tuesday about a situation, but I really didn't give you all the details. I was able to give you all the details today. Today during our 30 minute One On One Session, God used you to destroy 8 years of hurt and pain that I had been experiencing. I can't wait to get started on my fast and my action plan that God revealed through you and watch God do all the things that you told me. I'm so excited. Glory to God! I have so much joy and peace right now. This wasn't an ordinary counseling session. God Bless You and I can't wait to give my testimony soon. It's going to bless somebody. I feel like a brand new woman. See you on the prayer line. PLEASE JOIN HER PROGAMS AS WELL!


You are truly a woman of God, you are a woman of TRUTH & RESPECT. I thank you for being candid with me and very HONEST. There are not many people of God out there (in the church) - a lot of people don't practice what they preach. I have encountered too many prophets who are PROFITS and you are not one! You shall not be confused with the liars pimping their gift to the masses. You, Sister Linda, are true and your prayers are REAL and can be FELT thru the phone. I am glad you called. I am glad I answered because I am church hurt and skeptical and vulnerable. But God!  

Thank you for not abusing your gift and demanding respect for it. I did not feel used. I didn't feel taken advantage of. Also, that soul tie-- I felt it break immediately. 

I've been on Instagram for over 4 YEARS and I have never offered this program because the Lord had not given me the order to do so. But from August 28TH 2019 To August 31 2019, during my 3 day complete dry fast (NO FOOD or NO WATER), the Lord instructed that I create this program.  

This program is packed with and inspired by the Holy Spirit . It will not be orchastrated by my own strength or my own ability. The LORD Himself will lead me, guide me and instruct me. He told me to comletely trust Him- which is why this program will be effective, supernatural and life-changing. 


While life counselors and therapists are extremely helpful, most often they don’t address spiritual issues – especially strongholds that cannot be broken through therapy but only in the spiritual realm. Before my one-on-one session, I struggled with the spirit of rejection, anxiety, and depression. Rejection was something that really had a hold on me but in that one-on-one session, the Lord broke the chains. I felt the burden of rejection lift off of me. I cried out to the Lord, but at the end of the call, I cried tears of pure joy which I’ve never experienced.  

Min Linda is a true servant of the Lord. If you need spiritual results to break strongholds and having issues of getting a prayer through, book your one-on-one. I would encourage all ladies if you’re dealing with a broken heart or a deep hurt to let. Min Linda intercede on your behalf and to really seek the Lord. The Lord is the only one who can heal all of our hurts. 



I just want to thank you for the one on one consultation we had earlier today. You are indeed a mighty prayer warrior in God's army! When I answered the phone you immediately went into prayer mode, binding and loosing and speaking prophetically over my life. (For those of you who don't know, Linda prays POWERFULLY in the spirit and takes authority over any demonic influence operating in your life. Every Christian needs a warrior of this caliber fighting for and with them in the spiritual realm!)  

Although we have never met or spoken before that call, the Lord led you to the exact areas of my life. Your warfare prayers broke the spirit of fear and lack off of my life immediately.  

Min Linda, you're an anointed woman of God and He has equipped you to help those of us who who are dealing with fear, anxiety, confusion, bad decisions, low self-esteem, guilt, anger, pain, loss and many other things that are demonic in nature and not what God wants for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Out of desperation I reached out to you... I felt like I was sinking in quicksand and no one to pull me out or even hear me cry for help. The Lord used you to bring healing to my brokeness, heartache, pain, illness and my anger. You even chastised me with the love of God.  

 You spoke to me about my past, my current situation and even what God wants to do for me and what I need to do to be in line with His Word. You are truly annointed. This is no joke. I would tell anyone that you truly have a calling upon your life.. Things that I have been praying about and things that I had been crying out to God and even some of my inner thoughts that I had shared with NO ONE! God allowed you to see it and impart into my life.  

 Please continue to let God do a great work in you. My Life has changed!  

Thank you Woman of God!!!  



Hello Linda, I had a one on one session with you and it was phenomenal. I was so nervous and afraid I didn't know what to expect. After so many years of confusion, anxiety, depression, fear and being intimated. God used you to destroy everything that I have been going through. I never felt so relieved and stress free. You told me things that I never told you and that moment I knew the Lord used you to help deliver my purpose as I began to shed tears. I definitely recommend everyone to book your one on one session now. They will be blessed and your life will change for the better. Thank you so much Linda I truly appreciate you uplifting my spirit and everything you have done. I will be starting my journey and following the path God has for me. 


I just want to share some encouragement for anyone still thinking about scheduling a one-on-one session with Linda.. Do it! I had a one-on-one session with Linda and it was nothing short of amazing! The message God gave to Linda for me was specific and on point. The Holy Spirit showed her all that myself and my children were going through. Specific directions were given to begin to break the chains that were holding me bondage! I mean, it was revealed that witchcraft was being used against me! Specific details that only God could have revealed...God revealed that I will not struggle to raise my children as a single parent! My children will not suffer because of the sins of their fathers.  

Mind you, ALL of this was revealed without me saying a word!! Min Linda knew nothing about me, but God showed her everything! Please, schedule a session with her or join her programs! It will change your life as it has changed mine. Have a open heart and be ready to receive all that God has for you!!  

Be blessed



 Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in a powerful way to heal, restore, prophesy and allowing God to speak through you. I wish I could have words to say how anointed, powerful and pure your words from God are but I do not. Your ministry is more than group prayer and encouring words- it is INTENSE and a testimony of the TRUE power of God that this generation is forgetting. I had been seeking God on a higher level and asking God to help me grow and find my purpose. Your ministry helped me get there and has been vital this season in my life.  

After the One on One with you- I knew God was present in your ministry in a supernatural way all I could do was cry. You told me things I had planned that I had not told anyone. You pinpointed and prophesied things that you had no way of knowing. The only way you knew was through our glorious Father.  

Your ministry is one so dear to my heart I am get teary just thinking about it. I want to thank you for your obedience and for the true unselfish spirit in which you operate in. .Your one on one sessions are VALUABLE. They are life changing and once God speaks through you- the person will never be the same.