From molestation at a young age, an abusive marriage, devastating divorce, overcoming statistics and character defamation, Linda Chiyoge is the epitome of resilience. 

Her story proves one should never subscribe to mediocre but only thrive to live the abundant life of God's promises even when all odds are against you! Her testimony inspires thousands to never settle for less regardless of your past!  She is a first generation preacher/ prophetic voice, author, spiritual advisor and intercessor whose voice shift atmospheres and transforms lives supernaturally. She is also graced with the gift of healing and the miraculous.

Apart from the pulpit, her many accomplishments include being a serial entrepreneur whose taken the market place by storm with multiple brands that have skyrocketed with much success. She inspires many with her authenticity , love, boldness and transparency. Click below to experience her ministry


@Simply_Unforgettable1 SAYS: "My husband and I had been trying to conceive. Due to my age and preexisting conditions we made a plan with doctor. They told us that we’d more than likely have to do in vitro and have some type of assistance. I was crushed. That night I laid myself out before God and gave all my anxiety and fears to Him. I was very honest about how I was feeling, but told Him my desire for this child. I asked that He give me peace about it and help me to trust His will.  Prophetess Linda offers FREE private phone sessions ..So a week later I scheduled one the with the intentions of only discussing employment/purpose direction. She called me the day BEFORE my scheduled phone session. She said God told her to share with me that He heard my prayer and by this time next year I would be a MOTHER and that It would be a miracle baby! Prophetess Linda did NOT know ANYTHING about my situation concerning my womb and I didn’t know how it was going to happen but I trusted Him.I hadn’t had a menstrual in months, I wasn’t ovulating. Negative test after test I stood firm on Gods word. I held on to that prophecy!  I even bought a baby onesie as an act of faith! Well fast forward, the word of God has come to pass.  I am now elated to share we are expecting our miracle baby in January 2023!  I am in total awe of Gods healing of my womb. This was a big lesson of faith to TRUST GODS TIMING. My God is faithful and His word never fails!! "

  • @Danyel27 SAYS" Prophetess Linda is is truly a vessel of God! I booked a phone session with her and GOD spoke to her that the man that I’m dating is a good man and he proposed a month after. While she heard God, she also prophecied that I must apply for jobs making $80K or more only. No less! God was very adamant about this figure. So she insisted, and repeated it over and over. I was obedient to God’s word and applied for positions that offer that amount and I received a call from the employer :” we would like to welcome you. “  The word came to pass in less than 2 weeks .She also instructed me to fast and read the book of Matthew. Please be obedient and listen to God’s voice through her. She even stopped our session and said "call your mother on 3 way" and at this very moment my mother was calling me.  So, I just merged the call and she started prophesying over my mother’s health because God revealed to her my mother's health condition.. She is feeling much better. That phone call changed my life forever!!! Thank you! Please keep allowing God to use you!!!! Hallelujah
  • @Diana_nek SAYS: "Hello Prophetess Linda,I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for your faithfulness to your calling. You are indeed a mighty prayer warrior in God's army and we truly appreciate you. When I was initially connected to you, my husband was urgently admitted to the hospital due to a diagnosis with AML (leukemia). He had no symptoms, he just happened to go for a routine check up and was told that he can't go back home. I connected with you a little after that and you prayed, prayed and prayed for us and with us. God spoke through you with spiritual instructions for us. They were SPECIFIC and detailed. It was like a doctor giving a patient orders.  But in this case, it was supernatural.We followed the #spiritual instructions faithfully. Several months later he was declared cancer-free.!! The cancer team believed that he wouldn't make it, but the GOD that we SERVE had the last say.  We still keep in contact with the healthcare team at the hospital and they're still in awe of how my husband has been renewed, restored and rejuvenated. And we tell them that it's not us, nor the treatment alone, but by the Grace of God.  To God be the glory!.  I also wanted to quickly share that I had another one-on-one phone with Prophetess not too long ago. I never revealed to her who I was,  she began to prophesy to me concerning my future business endeavors. Every word that she spoke aligned completely with what I was envisioning for my business ...what only I knew. I was so shocked that tears of joy began to rush down my face. It literally was confirmation. God is indeed using you in a mighty way, Prophetess and I'm still in awe of what he's done and continues to do in my family.May God continue to bless you abundantly.With love,Diana. "
  • @CoachLatoyaBlackman SAYS: End of November 2021, Prophetess Linda prayed and prophecied that God will open multiple doors in my finances before end of January. That it will happen back to back!. Monday January 3, 2022 I received another offer and secured an interview for this Thursday! That is not all. Also on Monday I received another call from a different travel nurse agency. I explained to them the last time I worked at the bedside in 2019 (which was an issue for the other agencies). By the grace of God, the recruiter told me I am qualified with their agency because I’ve worked at the bedside within the last 5 years! I was very happy. The process for the application was sent to me right away and things are moving quickly.I want to Thank God firstly. I also want to thank God for using a vessel like yourself to speak into my life and pray for me the way you do. God richly bless you!  Fast-forward,  January 12 2022 I received another offer of $108K a year..The prophecy came to pass
  • Thank you, Latoya Blackman,

  • @Cybshirwa97_ SAYS: Prophetess Linda , I deeply want to thank God for using you as a vessel on our private phone sessions . I was introduced to your ministry  this year and  my life has never been the same at all !!  I had my first private phone session with you earlier this year in May and I must say I felt the might move of God as you revealed to me things only God and I could have known.  Before our private phone session I was in a difficult place mentally , emotionally and  my hope was very low with regards to different areas of my life such as my health . During the call , I was delivered from soul ties, depression and anxiety . You also prayed over my finances and gave me clear instructions that came from the Holy Spirit on the move I had to make immediately, I obeyed and relocated! . In addition, you prophesied that my life would shift after leaving the apartment I was staying in with my previous roommate .  Ever since the phone session, my soul has been lifted  and I thank God for this deliverance .  I can also testify that the strength of my relationship with the Lord and the peace I have had   ever since moving surpassed my understanding .  I pray more and pray out loud when it comes tor things of the Lord . I was also able to land a job after being unemployed for over 10 months and and GOD used you to give me clarity with what to do in my nutrition business . Prophetess Linda , you are truly an anointed woman of God . You have an authentic and loving  character towards the children of God . Your ministry carries high integrity and you are mighty warrior in God’s  army. When we went  into the phone sessions you always began by praying , binding and loosing and speaking prophetically over my life . Our session always extended way beyond  the 20 min and I thank you for  your wise counsel and patience heart towards me . If you are hesitant to book a private phone session , do not hesitate  !! Your life will never be the same , I am a living proof of this and the Lord shows up everyone through his servant Prophetess Linda

  • @Erica_nicole_919 SAYS:

What a mighty GOD we serve!!! I have a testimony! Let me start by thanking God for you and for Him using you to minister to His people. A couple of weeks ago, my oldest daughter (17) and I were in the living room watching a show when I got an urgent call from my cousin telling me to get on your Instagram live immediately because you specifically asked for me and said that you needed to pray for me. I ran upstairs to my bedroom to get online while my daughter remained downstairs. As you prayed and prayed and cast out and rebuked the strongholds and other obstacles trying to hinder me, I felt the weight lift off of me and it brought me to my knees! As I lay on the floor, continuing to hear you pray, I knew I was receiving a divine cleansing.

A little while later, my daughter came upstairs to my bedroom door with tears in her eyes saying, "Mommy, I saw it! I saw it run down the stairs and out the door!! It was a tall black figure and I saw it go!". She and I started crying even more then. Now, this is the same daughter that you have been praying for for the past 2 or so years. You have prayed for her countless times, and that night, I saw the divine manifestation of those prayers! She told me that when I went upstairs, she got on her phone and found your Instagram and joined the live broadcast and saw and heard everything. She said the moment you told the demon to go, she actually saw it run down the stairs and out the front door! Only God could have allowed that! Only God could have given her that spiritual eyesight to actually see it go. Only God could allow her to see the change in my appearance afterwards. She said, "Mommy, you even look different! Your face is so bright!".

As you may remember, my daughter had been dealing with some spiritual battles/attacks as the enemy wanted to hijack her destiny. I confess that at times, I thought I couldn't reach her. I thought that she was too far gone. I would cry out to God asking Him to take control and to have mercy on her. I am more than blessed to now see the manifestation of those prayers. A few years ago, you told me that she (as well as my younger daughter) is a diamond and no one and nothing is going to take her shine. You prophesied that she has a fire within her and that God is going to use her in miraculous ways! How true it is!  Her flame has been lit and it's burning like crazy! I look forward to all that God has in store for all of us, especially my children. I also thank God for all that He continues to reveal to me through you. I know that God is continuing to shine His light and His favor is upon me! I continue to receive direction and will obey His commands. I look forward to many more praise reports to come! May God continue to bless you, keep you and make His face shine upon you. You are truly a gift to us all!

@EloriaMichelle SAYS: It wasn't until I began calling the prayer line and joining  Prophetess Linda on IG live that I realized how much my life and destiny depended on it, that I could not be the woman God called me to be and live with generational curses .Prophetess Linda is so real and raw in the most loving way, (She’s the real deal). You can't deny the power of God and what he has for you. My private phone sessions were quite the experience.  She went above and beyond the call of dutyBy hearing from God, she instructed me on what to do and how to maneuver in this season of my life. I was floored when she told me specifically what the Holy Spirit revealed!  It was only God. Since our session my Mom has been healed from cancer.  My business is soaring with celebrity clientele, which also what she prophecied months ago . Everything and then some came to pass.I didn’t realize how much spiritual weight I was carrying until I went through prayer and deliverance.If you haven’t made an investment in your spiritual life yet I highly suggest that you do. Schedule a private phone session with her! Join her programs/Courses and prayer line. I’m a living witness and this is my personal testimony that Prophetess Linda is a woman of God!!!! I’m forever grateful for this divine connection. My friend Kiesaha Chanel shared an IG live with me and my life has never been the same. Thank you once again for everything and may God continue to bless you abundantly.

  • @_Alexandriaaa3 SAYS: I'm a private and intimate person. I like to keep my business MY business and open up to a few people. After so many disappointments and heartaches, I felt that everyone I encountered had a hidden agenda. But, Prophetess Linda has been a GEM in my life since joining the prayer line back in 2017. Seeing many, many women get healed and delivered is a blessing, but in the back of your mind, you think "when is my turn?". Recently, in 2020, While, God heard and answered my prayer - even the things I had no clue about. God BROKE my chains and set my FREE. A few hours before the call, I was in prayer and I asked God to help me trust Him and not to fear. About a year ago, God spoke to me about moving to Texas from New York, but I was scared because I was leaving all I knew to go to a whole new state. GOD REVEALED THIS TO HER and she gave me a word of knowledge that GOD said i must move to TEXAS! There is no way she knew any of this. GOD spoke to her ....BUT GOD, so i obeyed and left New York and moved to TEXAS! Not only was I approved for the exact unit I wanted, I was met at the residence with so much love and acceptance that I truly needed. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! He broke my chains and healed my heart Proph. Linda has been used of GOD MIGHTILY over and over again and HE will answer your deepest cry. I'm not a crier, but I wept like a baby on that call. Please join the prayer line and consider a private phone session. GOD WILL SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT

@Sabryia_Reese SAYS: I completely forgot to tell you apart of my testimony!!! After we had our two day call (which I needed soooooo much) and you spoke and told me to sow a seed that would break me. Father God did it break me but a few weeks after something told me to apply for unemployment in NY. Not only was I approved but I got back pay of almost $13000 and that has blessed and sustained me since then. You’re NOT lying when you say it is fertile ground. MY GOD. I can’t express how grateful and blessed I have been since our call. I didn’t doubt before but now I am an advocate for the anointing that is on your life. Your vision is emaculate and your spirit is beautiful. Thank you for going above and beyond the call on your life.

  • @Jassareeo SAYS:I don’t even know how or when I subscribed to Prophetess Linda’s email list but I usually scroll pass them just due to only looking for emails regarding a job. However recently I saw the one with the headline “Let Me Pray For You” that’s it just that but for some reason it spoke to me. I clicked on and read the email to its entirety, which lead me to Prophetess Linda’s Instagram where I learned about her prayer sessions. So I did it, I signed up and omg we didn’t even say much but Hi at first and she went immediately into prayer over me and the Holy Spirit starts talking to her about my life and what she sees and it’s so spot on I know it was nobody but God. So I began to weep not because I was sad but I was happy and overjoyed to know that God does hear my prayers, he didn’t abandon me like I thought for so long. That healing I was told was going to happen is still taking place. I went into this call with hopes of guidance and clarification on things in my life like my career, dealing with my sons dad, my relationships and just life. God really spoke through Prophetess Linda, she confirmed my career path and reiterated some things God had told me before but I strayed away from. She even helped guide me with career on a personal level by providing some insight to gain clients. This call truly gave me all the answers I was looking for and then some. I believe whole heartedly that God moves and uses Prophetess Linda as his vessel. I was at a point in my life of about to go back to some old ways but God truly confirmed I’m on the right path and to just seek him. We broke generational curses and cycles on this call. I’m so glad the Holy spirit or whatever it was lead me to her email and to book the call and just have faith because this call truly has changed my life for the better. I know it may sound crazy but it’s not I truly feel a weight lifted, I feel peace something I haven’t felt for years. I believe everything God said through Prophetess Linda and this just put me back on the path to his love and seeking him. I’m forever grateful!   Much love 

  • @snowie_hadebe SAYS: Prophetess, i just want to say thank you so much for your existence in my life, I thank God for you. I came across your page last year when I was still pregnant, I was depressed, I had anxiety,i stopped attending lectures at school, I was traumatized,I had even attempted suicide.I was in an abusive relationship before, he left me broken in more ways than a few. I started joining prayer line every morning, and your live broadcasts, and i joined the 21day special program you held it was a Healing program, the Holy Spirit addressed a lot of things that I highlighted above, after that I wasn't depressed anymore, I had an overflow of JOY, I took my life back, God gave me another clean slate,I started attending church services, I would anoint myself with the oil you prayed for, the dark cloud looming over me left and I was delivered from anxiety and depression. In April I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, I was so happy. The Holy Spirit brought you into my life for a reason. I feel like a lot of destinies have been placed in your hands by God, to help his people. You're humble and soo dedicated to your ministry. You're so accurate in the prophetic, and you address everything with humility. Even when you reprimand you do it with love! I pray God increases your territory in Jesus Name amen.

  • @BreMichelle__ SAYS: I had the one on one phone session with her changed my life! The call ended with me being healed and knowing that God is always there. Even when it seems like He isn’t! I cannot express how I’ve been healed, set free and in a much better space due to the wonderful ministry God has gifted Minister Linda with! I’ve been on countless prayer calls and witnessed healing for so many, women with years of ailments immediately healed, women with addiction issues, immediately healed! If you desire to be healed (emotionally, spiritual, physically), I certainly recommend her healing program because you will be changed forever! Or if you just want to schedule a private phone session with her concerning any area of your life! This ministry has been such a blessing!!

  • @_kingkuba SAYS: I can’t begin to express the move of God that happened on my call with Minister Linda.I initially booked my 1 on 1 session with Min.Linda to discuss my business, but God revealed to her matters of my heart and personal life that only God knows.She is direct & straight to the point, no fluff! She truly uses her anointing to glorify God and to re-affirm his infinite love for you, even in your darkest hour.From the bottom of my heart, thank you to Minister Linda for going ABOVE and BEYOND timewise to make sure I got my breakthrough & deliverance.Her prayer and prophetic words are powerful, I feel a renewed sense of confidence! Minister Linda is truly a powerful servant of God; I urge you DO NOT take her anointing lightly!If you are hesitant about booking your 1 on 1 session with her, you should have booked it a week ago! Don’t hesitate any long

  • @BlessedMommy_2 Because of her programs and private phone sessions, my whole life has changed ...generational curses were broken and I am no longer suffering from anxiety. My entire life has changed every since I joined the prayer line. God has been truly blessing my household. The prophecies that God has given Min Linda concerning my life have come to pass and are still unfolding before my eyes. I will say that I still don't know how I came across her page but I know with God nothing is by accident and for that I am truly grateful. Please take advantage of anything she has to offer you will not be disappointed she truly pours her heart out into whatever she does.

  • @Be-You-t-1223 Says:  During a lunch time prayer line, I joined in to pray with Prophetess Linda. In that time the Lord used her to say “Who’s on the call that’s getting ready to test for a real estate license? “  I responded “ I am”, Within seconds the spirit of The Lord led her to prophesy: " Thou says The Lord: your license is released and you'll have it by summer time and you will close on your 1st property before the end of the year." I took the test July 12th a day after my birthday and passed! Fastforward, I closed on my first property months later !!  ...The anointing on the call is something that never ceases to amaze me. And the method in which how He uses the spirit to operate in our lives Is inexplicable and I’m forever thankful. Having someone like Minister Linda available who’s a willing vessel who shares both agape love and tough love makes my heart full. And it’s well needed!! I thank you for your obedience Minister Linda and I will forever be indebted to your willingness as the Lord uses you

  • @LADYGENI86 SAYS: While life counselors and therapists are extremely helpful, most often they don’t address spiritual issues – especially strongholds that cannot be broken through therapy but only in the spiritual realm.  My interaction with Prophetess Linda has been powerful since the day I’ve followed her. She first interacted with me through Instagram live while she was praying. It was right there when I first interacted with the Holy Spirit that operated through her and she had no idea who I was. She said deep things about my life that only GOD knew – so I knew it was the Holy Spirit was definitely speaking through her.  I was amazed!! So after having that powerful Instagram live prophecy, I knew I had to book a one-on-one session. The call was supposed to be only 30 minutes, but the call lasted an hour. Before my one-on-one session, I struggled with the spirit of rejection, anxiety, and depression.  Rejection was something that really had a hold on me because of some of my past failures in my career, friendships, and relationships. I was holding on to hurt that span back to over a decade, but in that one-on-one session, the Lord broke the chains. I felt the burden of rejection lift off of me. I cried out to the Lord, but at the end of the call, I cried tears of pure joy which I’ve never experienced.  Prophetess Linda is a true servant of the Lord. Humble and authentic If she says she’s praying for you, she is. If she says she’s fasting and interceding for you, she is! If you need spiritual results to break strongholds and having issues of getting a prayer through, book your one-on-one. I would encourage all young ladies if you’re dealing with a broken heart or a deep hurt to let Linda intercede on your behalf and to really seek the Lord. The Lord is the only one who can heal all of our hurts.